different times cause for different feelings

  1. Judge. Everyone suffers from an internal judge who constantly finds fault with self, others, and circumstances. Shirzad calls the judge the master Saboteur.
  2. Stickler. The need for perfection, order, and organization taken too far.
  3. Pleaser. Being compelled to gain acceptance and affection by helping, pleasing, or flattering others constantly.
  4. Hyper-Achiever. Depending on constant performance and achievement for self-respect and self-validation.
  5. Victim. Feeling emotional and temperamental as a way of gaining attention and affection.
  6. Hyper-Rational. Intense and exclusive focus on the rational processing of everything, including relationships.
  7. Hyper-Vigilant. Intense and continuous anxiety about all the dangers surrounding you and what could go wrong.
  8. Restless. Constantly on the search for greater excitement in the next activity or through perpetual business.
  9. Controller. An anxiety based need to take charge, control situations, and bend peoples actions to one’s own will.
  10. Avoider. Focusing on the positive and the pleasant in an extreme way.

apk – The Verge

apk – The Verge.

kinda busy with my myself

ive got alot going on.. trying to make things better in my life and continuing to contribute to the android community.. i love this stuff, use to always want to be a programmer since i was a kid.. im self teaching my self and reading along other posties posts and learning them and sharing my knowledge through this site.. i like learning tricks nd hacks, and ways to protect your from crashing or failing.. i’ve messed up a 600$ phone by updating it while it was rooted… ahaha don’t do this! XD
Well… thanks for reading this.
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Please watch these 2 videos, im sure you’ll regret if you dont vote NO.. This is your rights leaving out of your hands if this is passed!



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